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Many people are now using Zoom to attend meetings, both work-related and for fun. We hope these Zoom Basics help!

  • Do I need an account? No, an account is only required if you want to host a meeting.
  • Do I need a webcam & microphone? These are not required. Without a webcam other participants will not be able to see you. Without a microphone other participants will not be able to hear you. However, you can still attend a meeting and listen/watch only.
  • Tips:
    • Mute/unmute: Click on the microphone icon to mute/unmute your microphone.
    • Start/stop video: Click on the video camera icon to start or stop your video.

How to join a meeting:

    • On a computer: Click on the meeting link in the Zoom connection email you received, or go to and enter the meeting ID & password. 
      • If you are using Zoom for the first time you will be prompted to download the Zoom desktop app when you click on the meeting link.
    • On a smartphone/tablet: Download the Zoom app from your app store. Tap “Join a Meeting” and enter the meeting ID & password.
    • By phone: If it was included in your Zoom connection email, dial the teleconferencing phone number provided. Enter the meeting ID & password when prompted.
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